The Team

Krystyna Adams

Krystyna AdamsI am a doctoral student in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. I have worked with the SFU Medical Tourism Research Group for over 3 years, and both Dr. Jeremy Snyder and Dr. Valorie Crooks are on my supervisory committee. My research interests have been shaped by my exposure to an interdisciplinary faculty at SFU as well as a collaborative environment within the research group . In my MPH, I completed a thesis project on the communication of ethical concerns regarding medical tourism to Canadian medical tourists. In my PhD, I will be using exploratory qualitative methods to examine influences of the global trade in health services on health policy and planning at the national, regional, and global level. Using ethnographic methods, my research aims to better understand how medical tourism discourse is shaping health policy in the Caribbean.

Kitty Corbett

CorbettI am a medical anthropologist whose research has emphasized the application of behavioural and social science to public health communication, participatory community-based health promotion with diverse and vulnerable populations, and quality improvement within healthcare. My approach is very much multi-methodological, reflecting a multi-disciplinary, social ecological perspective. My areas of expertise include behavioural and organizational change, health communication, health promotion, intervention and evaluation research, and quality improvement. I am an advocate for participatory research with and high quality service to diverse communities and underserved populations.

Valorie Crooks


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar. I am a health geographer and specialize in health services research. I am particularly interested in the spatial and place-based dimensions of health care delivery and receipt. I primary engage in non-hypothesis-testing qualitative research. I have been studying medical tourism since 2009 and have led and continue to lead several studies funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research on this topic. I have a particular interest in understanding how patients experience obtaining privately-funded medical care abroad through this global health services industry. I enjoy collaborating with researchers who have different disciplinary and training backgrounds from my own.

Leon Hoffman


I am a PhD student in the Geography Department at Simon Fraser University, supervised by Valorie Crooks. I am interested in the cultural landscapes and individual experiences of health(y) places, coastal and island geographies, and tourism places and practices. I hope to apply these interests to medical tourism research over the course of my doctoral studies. Originally from New Zealand, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Sociology, Post-Graduate Diploma (Distinction) in Geography, and Master of Arts (First Class Honours) in Geography from The University of Auckland. For my M.A. I investigated the socio-cultural experience of living within a remote coastal landscape in New Zealand.

Rory Johnston


I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University and am supervised by Valorie Crooks. My research interests pertain to understanding the impacts of the international trade in health services on health systems and policy, especially with regard to the influence these impacts may and do have on health equity. My PhD research is focused on examining the growing medical tourism industry in the Caribbean region. In my M.A. degree I examined the role that family doctors play in Canadian medical tourists’ decision-making regarding seeking care abroad.

Jeremy Snyder


I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, having received my PhD in Philosophy from Georgetown University. My research interests focus on ethical issues arising from international trade, especially trade in health services. I am currently engaged in research projects on medical tourism, health worker migration, pharmaceutical testing on adolescents, and exploitation in pharmaceutical development and low wage labour. I have been a member of the SFU Medical Tourism Research Group since its inception and am particularly interested in studying the impacts of medical tourism, better informing potential medical tourists about ethical issues connected to medical tourism, and assessing responsibility for planning around medical tourism.