• Costs

    Calculating Costs

    Personal finances for my trip were a big issue for me. I’m fortunate that I was assisted by my grandparents. They covered a hundred percent of the cost of my first surgery, which was over $20,000, and I’m really [ … ] Read More

  • Risks

    Exposure to New Risks

    I had been experiencing increasingly painful hip problems and hadn’t been able to work full time.  I looked around online and saw that I could get the surgery abroad quickly and affordably, and so I decided to travel as [ … ] Read More

  • Experimental

    Experimental Surgery

    I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000. I decided to go abroad for an experimental treatment not available to me at home. The doctors there said “This is such a new procedure so we’re not quite sure what [ … ] Read More

  • Customer

    A Satisfied Patient

    I can’t even get a doctor to call me back at home, but this specialist spoke directly to me when I was thinking about traveling for care.  He even gave me his personal email and cell phone number! When [ … ] Read More