• Complications

    Dealing with Complications

    I had been struggling with losing weight for years and wasn’t identified as a suitable candidate for surgery in my home country, so I went abroad to get a gastric surgery to help me to lose weight. Right after [ … ] Read More

  • Hammock

    Affecting Relationships at Home

    My gastroenterologist was very skeptical of my choice to go abroad for care, and remains skeptical to this day. Even though I had no problem with the care I received abroad and returned with all the reports from the [ … ] Read More

  • Hospital

    A Supportive Physician

    I just wanted my family doctor to know that I was going to go abroad for care. He wasn’t happy that I had been on a waiting list for surgery for longer than is recommended. He has known me [ … ] Read More

  • Infectious

    Exposed to Infectious Diseases

    I traveled abroad for a hip surgery. The surgery was affordable and I didn’t want to be on a waitlist for the surgery at home.  I had seen news reports about MRSA infections at my local hospital as well, [ … ] Read More