Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to prepare for traveling abroad for care?

Consider speaking with a physician and booking an appointment with a travel clinic in order to get advice about whether medical tourism is safe for you and to address any risks to your health.

How can I find out if a procedure or facility abroad is safe?

This can be very difficult to judge. You should consult with both unbiased professionals at home, ask questions about safety records and procedures at the facility you’re considering, and see if the facility is accredited by a reputable international accrediting agency.

What are some of the risks to my health of traveling abroad for care?

Some medical tourists have come into contact with sub-standard care, been exposed to infectious diseases, and had trouble obtaining follow up care once home. In other cases, medical tourists are very satisfied with the care they receive.

What are the effects of medical tourism on countries to which I might travel?

Medical tourism has been associated with shifting resources from the public sector used by locals to the private sector that may not be affordable to the majority of the local population. In some cases, medical tourism destinations have been enthusiastic, seeing medical tourism as spurring economic development.

Will my choice to go abroad for care impact people in my home community?

In many instances medical tourists return home without any impact on their home countries. However, in some cases medical tourists have returned with infectious diseases that may affect others or complications that must be paid for by insurance or their home health system.

Should I consult with a medical tourism facilitator?

While many people find it helpful to do so, be sure to ask how the facilitator is paid for their services and whether this biases their input.

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