Exposed to Infectious Diseases

I traveled abroad for a hip surgery. The surgery was affordable and I didn’t want to be on a waitlist for the surgery at home.  I had seen news reports about MRSA infections at my local hospital as well, and I wanted to do my best to avoid any potential problems.  My medical team was great, but I ended up contracting MRSA while recovering in the hospital over there!  I did recover in the end, but the infection was very scary and I ended up really wishing my family was nearby while I got through it.

Post-operative infections are a possibility anywhere you receive surgical care and antibiotic resistant bacteria is a growing global problem.  Before you decide whether to go, consider that you will always be exposed to these risks and that it is very difficult to assess how they vary between facilities, let alone personally manage that risk. Also consider that you might unexpectedly end up bringing infections home with you, burdening your home health system.