Not Much Tourism

I stayed at a recovery centre during my trip abroad. They have nurses on call, they feed you, they have ice packs for you. Everything you might need is there, and you’re sitting out looking at a beautiful view. The facilitators are waiting for you at the airport and take you down to the hospital to get your work done and they take you back to the airport when you’re finished. I didn’t do many touristy things.  I wasn’t expecting to do any touristy things. I was expecting to get fixed, I didn’t know how long it would hurt or how long I would be unable to move, when you’ve got tubes hanging from you, you can’t go anywhere.

Medical care abroad is often marketed with a ‘touristy’ feel. Before you decide whether to go, remember that the ‘tourism’ part of ‘medical tourism’ is often not a realistic or comfortable goal.  Consult a physician you know and trust to get a realistic sense of what your recovery will look like and whether or not tourism activities could result in complications.