Family Connection

I emigrated from another country when I was twenty four. At fifty, I needed knee surgery and couldn’t get it when I wanted, so I returned to my birthplace for my knee surgery. My brother there helped with planning my trip by putting me in touch with a respected doctor. My doctors abroad said they have more clinical experience and the surgical procedures were very simple for them. Going to another country was okay for me, especially as I used the opportunity to to visit with friends and family. Maybe it would be more difficult to make a decision to go to get a surgery in, let’s say a country I’d never been to, but this trip just made sense to me.

Many people traveling internationally for medical care have personal ties to the country they are visiting. Before you decide whether to go, keep in mind that not everyone is equally well suited to navigating the health system in another country. In some cases, people will have had very positive experiences because they are familiar with the country they traveled to.