Impacts on My Destination

I arrived at my destination on a Friday and stayed at a medical spa-like resort.  On Monday, I was taken to the hospital. I think there was some kind of security at the hospital with regards to leaving, and you would have to say where you were going. The hospital organized drivers so we could go out, and a lady organized my shopping trips. We joked that we were under house-arrest by the doctor. You have to keep in mind that in this country, there are a very small number of very rich people, and then are some middle class people, but the majority are very poor. In the hospital where we stayed, there were wealthy people who were government workers, bankers, people who had their companies and so they went to a private hospital for health care. Before I came, I knew many local citizens couldn’t afford the quality of care I’d receive, but my time abroad made me realize that many people there don’t have access to even basic medical care.

Keep in mind that while many medical facilities abroad may be of high quality, the local population may not have access to similar services.  Before you decide whether to travel for care, consider asking questions of the staff abroad about how their health-care system operates and who can and can’t use it to make sure you are comfortable with the kind of access local patients have to hospital care.