A Satisfied Patient

I can’t even get a doctor to call me back at home, but this specialist spoke directly to me when I was thinking about traveling for care.  He even gave me his personal email and cell phone number! When we got to the hospital, they just took us through a private entrance and an elevator with nobody else in it that took us straight up to the fourth floor which they called the international floor. The care was fantastic; I thought we were in a hotel already when we were in the hospital. Every day the four or five doctors overseeing my case would come to my bedside and ask you how things were going and do different things to make my stay very comfortable. I spent five or six days in the hospital.  After that, everything was done and we were taken to a resort, a very nice five star hotel, to recuperate. There, the nurses gave you back rubs, massaged your toes, and pampered you a lot. I never did have any complications after my surgery.

Globally, there is a wide range in approaches to health care and the treatment of patients, some of which might be better suited to your expectations.  Keep in mind that while medical tourism may involve personalized service and other forms of luxury care, this may not always indicate high quality care.  If you do choose to go, consider telling your caregivers at home about the elements of your care abroad that you most valued.