Exposure to New Risks

I had been experiencing increasingly painful hip problems and hadn’t been able to work full time.  I looked around online and saw that I could get the surgery abroad quickly and affordably, and so I decided to travel as a medical tourist. The doctors in the health care facility in another country said that I would normally need 4 weeks to space out the surgery for each of my hips and to recover but I only had enough money to manage two weeks traveling. After the second surgery, I had nausea and was in pain, but I felt that I had to keep my medical costs as low as possible.  I left as soon as I could and developed a blood clot on the flight home, which contributed to me taking a longer time to fully recover than I anticipated. My doctors back home told me that having the surgeries so close together and flying home right away likely contributed to the clot and that I would have been much better off taking more time between the surgeries.

Traveling for care can introduce unexpected costs and new risks to your health, including risks associated with long flights and travel away from home.  Also, medical malpractice laws in many countries are very weak.  If you find out your physicians abroad made bad decisions resulting in personal harm to yourself, you may not be able to recover any of the costs you suffer.