Calculating Costs

Personal finances for my trip were a big issue for me. I’m fortunate that I was assisted by my grandparents. They covered a hundred percent of the cost of my first surgery, which was over $20,000, and I’m really lucky to have had that help. Then the surgery didn’t work and I thought that it was a huge waste of money. After that I tried to figure out ways to get money for a surgery in another country that a doctor there said would work. My mom helped me out for that one and I had some money saved up too. My friend actually bought my airplane ticket using points. Unfortunately, I needed to get another procedure and had to pay for my next procedure on a credit card. While the procedures always worked at first, the pain kept coming back. I went for a final procedure that I paid for that out of pocket, trying to find a cheap flight and hotel so that I could just go there to see my doctor and leave right away. After all of that, I am still paying off many of my bills today.

Before you decide whether to go, keep in mind that when accessing private care, there may be unanticipated costs related to travel and/or the medical procedure. Talk to the health care providers to get a good sense about full range of the potential costs and outcomes from undergoing any medical procedures.