A Supportive Physician

I just wanted my family doctor to know that I was going to go abroad for care. He wasn’t happy that I had been on a waiting list for surgery for longer than is recommended. He has known me for thirty years and knew that I was in pain and had to do something about it – I wasn’t just going to sit back and wait for all this time to pass to get treated. And so I told him I was going abroad and he would nod and say “Okay, you know, I wish you luck and contact us if you need us and get in touch when you get back.”

Before you decide whether to go, talk to your regular physician about your thoughts of traveling for care.  Your doctor might not know about any problems you might have accessing care locally and take the opportunity to make sure there are no administrative problems with your case.  While some physicians may be willing to discuss medical tourism with you, remember that physicians may not support the decision to go abroad for medical care and that they may not provide follow-up care.