Affecting Relationships at Home

My gastroenterologist was very skeptical of my choice to go abroad for care, and remains skeptical to this day. Even though I had no problem with the care I received abroad and returned with all the reports from the clinic after the surgery, and he saw my symptoms improve within six or seven months and return to normal within a year or two after they had been growing worse for years but he had not been able to identify the underlying condition, my regular gastroenterologist still to this day doubts that I needed to go. Even when he acknowledges that I received good quality care, he says that it cost me an awful lot of money. Maybe he just has a hard time admitting that he missed something when he was treating me!

Traveling for care can change your relationship with your physicians at home, especially if they are unsupportive of your decision.  Before you decide to go, consider how receiving care abroad will affect your relationships with your caregivers at home.